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Buying tickets and Oyster. You can buy tickets and Oyster cards online and from places across London. Keep within maximum journey times. Find the maximum journey time for your travel so you pay the right fare. Single and return tickets. Buy paper tickets for Tube and rail journeys from ticket machines If you got your Oyster card before 23 February 2020, you can get your £5 refunded when you don't need your card anymore. If you got your Oyster card on or after this date, you can get your £5 refunded once you've used it for one year. Oyster cards aren't accepted at stations between Reading and Iver. Buying multiple Oyster cards. If you're. Please note. You cannot get an Oyster card with a discounted or child-rate season ticket from Oyster online. There will be a £5.00 card fee on new Oyster cards Ett Oyster Card liknar de resekort vi har här hemma och är lika lätt att använda. Du kan använda ditt Oyster Card på Gatwick Express, Gatwick Thameslink Flygtåg och Heathrow Express, i tunnelbanan ('the tube'), DLR (Docklands Light Railway, som avgår från London City Airport) och de röda bussarna i ALLA zoner, 1-6 Buy a £20 Visitor Oyster card and save on iconic London bus journey: £1.50 for a single journey, with £4.50 as daily cap! Prices vary according to the time of day and which zones you travel in. See a chart of all the journey prices here and a map of travel zones here

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Buy a Visitor Oyster card before you leave home and have it delivered to you. Your card is ready to go as soon as you arrive in London, so no queuing at stations. Great value. Pay as you go fares are cheaper than buying a paper single ticket or Day Travelcard Oyster cards cost £5 (refundable) and can also be loaded with credit. Visitor Oyster cards can be purchased by non-UK residents before they travel. Where do I buy an Oyster card? If you live in the UK, you can buy an Oyster card and have this delivered to your home address before you travel to London If your children are 11 years old or older, you will need to buy a Visitor Oyster card, Oyster card or Travelcard ticket for each child. You can get a Young Adult discount (half adult rate) added to a Visitor Oyster card or Oyster card at Heathrow Airport Terminals stations, zone 1 Tube stations and TfL Visitor and Travel Information Centres If you have not yet provided us with a security question and answer, and you have not used the Oyster card to travel in the last 8 weeks you will be unable to create an account. Please make a journey using the Oyster card and try again the next day. For further assistance, please contact TfL Customer Services on 0343 222 1234 (8am - 8pm) Why Buy a Visitor Oyster Card for London? Accepted everywhere - use on most London public transport, including Tube, buses, Tram, DLR, London Overground and most National Rail services Reusable and flexible - choose the amount of pay-as-you-go credit you nee

How to get a refund, or replace your Oyster card or season ticket. How to pay and where to buy. There are different ways to pay for your travel. Free and discounted travel. You may be eligible for free travel or discounts off your fares. Contactless and Oyster account The London Oyster Card, the cheap way to pay for transport in London. How to buy and use a Pay as you go Oyster Card for cheaper travel in London. 2020 prices Oyster cards. An Oyster card is a smart card that you add money to, so you can pay as you go.. You can pay as you go to travel on bus, Tube, tram, DLR, London Overground, most TfL Rail, Emirates Air Line and Thames Clippers River Bus services Visitor Oyster cards you pay an activation fee (£5 in 2020) which is non-refundable. If you buy an Oyster card in London you pay a deposit (£5 in 2020) which is refunded (in cash/coins) when you surrender/cancel the Oyster card. You cannot load 7 day Travelcards on Visitor Oyster cards only standard Oyster cards

Buy your travel ticket before you leave home and save time when you arrive. Choose from a Visitor Oyster card for pay as you go travel, and enjoy a range of special discounts and offers, or a paper Travelcard ticket. Both give you the freedom to explore London using the city's integrated public transport network Otherwise, there is an Oyster Ticket Stop in the Stansted Rail Station. I believe the advantage of buying in advance is that you can just transfer without hassle from the Stansted Express to the tube. I might play it by ear: if you arrive between Stansted Express trains, buy the Oyster card there Oyster cards are for sale at all Tube stations, including Heathrow Airport's Tube stations - although there's quite often a queue to buy them at Heathrow. Although you can't use Oyster cards on the Heathrow Express, if like most London-bound travellers you take that high-speed train from Heathrow to Paddington you can pick up your Oyster card when you arrive at Paddington Station No, the Oyster card will not have your name on it so you will be able to buy this product for other people. You can also pass it to a friend or family, who can use it on a future visit if any credit remains on the card In London you can buy an Oyster card from many different places, such as tube & train stations and many newsagents.If you're planning a trip to London in the future, you can also get a Visitor Oyster card ahead of time for delivery to your home. Read below to find out where to buy Oyster cards, and read about a disadvantage of Visitor Oyster cards..

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Your Oyster card can hold pay-as-you-go credit. You can use your Oyster card to pay for journeys on the Gatwick Express. Simply touch the card on the yellow Oyster card reader at the gates to the platform at Gatwick station or London Victoria. Remember, you'll get the best price when you buy your Gatwick Express ticket online Oyster can also be used between Gatwick Airport and London Victoria on Gatwick Express services. It's quick and easy to buy an Oyster card, top up online and add your Travelcard or season ticket. You can use the Oyster card on buses, Tubes, trams, the Docklands Light Railway, London Overground and most National Rail services in London Köp ditt Visitor Oyster Card hos Box Office - slipp kön till biljettluckan och betala 50 % mindre för en resa. Använd direkt på buss och tunnelbana i London. Inkl. mängder av rabatter på nöje, sightseeing, mat m m. Barn 11-15 halva priset. Spara pengar och tid. Vi skickar det hem till dig Oyster cards. An Oyster card is a smart card that you add money to, so you can pay as you go.. You can pay as you go to travel on bus, Tube, tram, DLR, London Overground, most TfL Rail, Emirates Air Line and Thames Clippers River Bus services

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Oyster Card Refunds. The £5 deposit you pay for an Oyster card is refundable along with any pre-pay (Pay as you go) money left on the card. Before you claim a refund, it's worth bearing in mind that if you've used your Oyster card on a Pay as you go basis and it's not loaded with a weekly Travelcard or bus pass then it's transferable For Visitor Oyster cards you pay an activation fee (£5 in 2020) which is non-refundable. If you buy an Oyster card in London you pay a deposit (£5 in 2020) which is refunded (in cash/coins) when you surrender/cancel the Oyster card. You cannot load 7 day Travelcards on Visitor Oyster cards only standard Oyster cards You can buy an Oyster card at Kings Cross St Pancras Underground station. The nearest ticket hall is only a few yards from Eurostar arrivals. Turn left as you emerge on to the concourse. You can use cash or a credit card An Oyster card can be used on just about every form of transport within London including public bus, tram, and rail services within the city. First we'll cover the main types of Oyster cards that are available, how to choose the best one, and how to buy an Oyster card If you buy a Travelcard from a train station, you can claim 2 for 1 discounts at London attractions. If you buy a weekly or monthly Travelcard from a London Overground station it is issued on an Oyster card. These are not valid for the 2 for 1 deals. London Transport Visitor Centre

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In this video travelxprt will guide about London Oyster Card. Actually this is an Oyster card guide video. You will get to know about how to buy an oyster ca.. Buy a Visitor Oyster card before you travel to London and it will be delivered to your home address. It costs £5 to buy a card (non-refundable) plus postage. Enjoy special travel discounts and offers with your Visitor Oyster card at leading London restaurants, shops and entertainment venues Visitor Oyster Card går inte att köpa på plats. London är så stort till ytan att du måste ta dig fram med kollektivtrafik eller taxi i staden. Även om du är van att promenera långt, brukar London visa sig för vidsträckt. Man måste helt enkelt ta tunnelbana eller buss ibland Buy an Oyster Visitor card online if you are a tourist. If you are visiting from another country, you can also purchase an Oyster visitor card online. This can be shipped to you in advance of your trip, so that you have your card and a set value of ride credit ready to go when you get there Buy the official London Pass® - used by over 3 million visitors. Choose from 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 or 10 day passes and buy with confidence

Oyster cards. Oyster cards are London's smart ticketing system. They can be used as a pay-as-you-go card, a Travelcard season ticket, or both. New Oyster cards are available from stations shown in bold on the map, or from London Underground stations, for a deposit of £5 Where can I Buy an Oyster Card? | LCY; Is there a shuttle's between airports? Can I take a bus into the city? Can I walk to the ExCel centre from the airport? Can I get a taxi from the airport? Is there a pickup area? What do I do with my tax refund form? What is the journey time to London? I'm on a transfer flight, what do I do Oyster Card London Online Purchase - Buy in Australia before you leave. The Oyster Card can be used immediately and automatically calculates the cheapest fare for each journey, taking it off your credit as you go. It is the easiest way to travel on the London underground and public transport system (Zones 1 - 9) When you buy an Oyster Card, I suggest using a credit/debit card. When I went to cash out my remaining balance and deposit at the Tube station, the ticket machine didn't work. The attendant nearby sent me to a TfL Visitor Centre, this was at the King's Cross/St Pancras Tube station (but there are others), which ended up doing the refund and posted it back on my card View your basket on the TfL Visitor Shop. We use cookies on this site to enhance your user experience. By clicking any link on this page you are giving your consent for us to set cookies

Alternatively, you can buy single and return tickets and Day Travelcards that include Watford Junction at Tube, DLR and National Rail stations. You can also travel with a Visitor Oyster card, which can be preloaded with credit to cover your journey to Watford Junction Alternatively buy your travelcard and the London Pass sightseeing card together here and visit some of London's top attractions. Buy Now. Transport for London Travelcard. You can purchase your London Travelcard from any Underground Station or purchase online at London Travelcards This card gives you access to the London Underground, buses, Overground and the DLR at any time of day, any day of the week. Each money-saving Oyster Travelcard comes with credit related to the duration of your credits package; use it during peak and off-peak hours It's simple, easy to use and activated upon entry at a ticket barrier in the stations. Just tap in on the circular yellow card reader and tap out again when you finish your journey. If you buy a London Pass® and travel package, your electronic Oyster Card will be pre-loaded with credit to match your London Pass® duration Oyster Card vs Visitor Oyster Card vs Travelcard. This post compares the different Oyster Cards, as well as the Travelcard, to help you decide which one is best for you, including a breakdown based on the number of days you will be in London

Oyster Pay As You Go (PAYG) You can buy an Oyster card from any TfL approved outlet including London Underground stations, and online from the TfL website.. Top up your credit using the self-service ticket machines at any of our stations within the London Travelcard area Et Oyster Card minder meget om rejsekortet herhjemme og er derfor lige så nemt at bruge. Du kan bruge dit Oyster Card på Gatwick Express, Gatwick Thameslink lufthavnstoget og Heathrow Express, i metroen (også kaldet 'the tube'), DLR (Duckland Light Railway, der kører fra London City Airport) og i de røde busser i zone 1-6 i London Oyster cards can be used to store season tickets of both travelcards and bus passes (of one week or more), and a Pay-as-you-go balance. An Oyster card can hold up to three season tickets at the same time. Season tickets are Bus & Tram Passes or Travelcards lasting 7 days, 1 month, or any duration up to one year (annual) Du kan köpa Oyster card på tågstationen (Stansted Airport train station). Men ni behöver nog en separat biljett ifall ni åker med Stansted Express då Oyster card går att använda from Tottenham Hale och Liverpool st. Vet tyvärr inte vilken station som blir närmst att hoppa av. Fråga i biljettlucka på tågstationen som är bemannad så får ni en färdplan utskriven The Oyster Card is not stamped with a start or expiry date which means you can start using your Oyster Card whenever you want and any remaining credit can be used during any future trips to London. Using your Oyster Travelcard for the first time won't activate your London Pass

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You buy the Oyster card at the ticket office.I would buy the single ticket first (to get into center London) and then buy the Oyster when you are in the center with a calm head. There are other options.. Source(s): I live in Italy and am a frequent traveler to London. I'm American. 2 2 Less than one minute to do it.. Visitor Oyster cards are plastic smartcards you can use instead of paper tickets. You top up the card with pay as you go credit which you use when you travel. It is the cheapest way to pay for single journeys on bus, Tube, tram, DLR, London Overground, Tfl Rail, most National Rail services in London, Emirates Air Line cable car and River Bus services (MBNA Thames Clippers) If your Oyster card is registered, we cannot exchange your Oyster card for you. You can claim a refund online via Transport for London. If your Oyster card has an ID photo on it, to identify the owner. If your remaining credit was paid for by different payment methods (e.g. cash and card), the maximum refund is £10.00

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  1. Answer 1 of 13: I have to know , where can I buy the Oyster card from, al Luton Airport. I can not buy it on-line, but I need it to travel from Baker Street to Waterloo by bus 139 as I arrive in London
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  3. Hej hopp! Jag och in tjejkompis åker till London den 12 november och vi har fått låna två oyster card av två andra kompisar. Hur fungerar dessa kort? 1. Vart laddar vi på dem? 2. Vi ska bo i Paddington 12-15/11, vad blir smidigast att ladda för period? 3. Hur fungerar det med Oyster frå.

If you'd prefer to buy an Oyster card before arriving in the UK, you can purchase a Visitor Oyster card online, which will be delivered to your home overseas. There are a few differences between an Oyster card and a Visitor Oyster card; the main ones are: You pay an activation fee of £5 for Visitor Oyster cards, which is non-refundable . You. Nevermind that now, let's go to the point of this article which is How buy your Oyster Card. If you don't know what an Oyster Card is, then check this article . In that particular article I also told you why to chose the public transport as an option and the 3 ways to pay for your transportation Apply for an Oyster photocard Create a web account. You'll need to create a web account before you can apply for an Oyster photocard. To create a web account you will need to provide an active email address, your name, address, date of birth and phone number Oyster online - Transport for London - Oyster cards More about Oyster. You can find out even more about the Oyster card here. 3 Ways to Buy a London Oyster Card - wikiHow How to Buy a London Oyster Card. Oyster cards are reusable plastic cards that carry credit that can be used for public transportation around London. You can use

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Oyster card Pay As You Go. Oyster is a smartcard which can hold credit, for use as Pay As You Go (PAYG), and Travelcards. They can be used on all National Rail services in London as well as all services operated by Transport for London, TfL, i.e. bus, tube, tram and DLR Where can I top up my Oyster card? You can top up your Oyster card with Pay As You Go and season tickets at stations, online and at Oyster Ticket Stops. There are currently 3,900 Oyster Ticket Stops and you can find your nearest one on the TfL website. The independent guide to Oyster, Oyster-Rail includes more details on how you can top up your.

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  1. In your case I would buy the Oyster card online so it can be registered at the same time. Then take it and your railcard to a Central London tube station where most of the staff will know what to do right away. You might need to know the security word which you'll set up as part of the application process
  2. Technically you can yes. But there is no point. Buy one from the self service machines at any tube station/major London train station or some small stores. It's £5 for a deposit plus your top up/plan this gives you your credit plus £5 emergency 'o..
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Where exactly do you buy an oyster card? Close. 7. Posted by 2 years ago. Archived. Where exactly do you buy an oyster card? I'm sorry for a probably silly question. Can you buy a card in person? And how do I know what locations offer that service? Thank you! 16 comments. share. save. hide. report With an oyster card you can get a refund on your deposit and unused credit if it's under £10 and you have had it more than two days. Oyster Cards. If you are not from the UK it's best to buy an Oyster card. This is a card on which you can place credit for journeys around London using buses, tubes, trains, boats and trams If you're staying near Paddington then you may buy an Oyster card (to use for Pay As You Go or to load a seven day Travelcard - or both if need be) at Paddington's Underground station.. Look for the signs to the escalators down from the main concourse at Paddington to the Underground ticket hall The Oyster card - it's a piece of London so embedded in our culture, we usually just take it for granted. Despite most of us using one every day (or at least an equivalent contactless card) we probably don't think about it too much unless we need to top it up to get on the Tube.. We use our Oyster cards to get around London's public transport network, whether that's on the London Underground. Buy your discounted train tickets online or in station . 3. Start saving . 4. To get your 16-25 Railcard discount loaded onto your registered Oyster card or 18+ Student Oyster photocard by taking it to a London Underground station along with your 16-25 Railcard and ask a member of staff to set the discount for you

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  1. Day Travelcards aren't available on Oyster - but the Oyster Card daily capping is always better value than buying a Day Travelcard. The only real reason to buy a one-day travelcard paper ticket is because it can get you discounts to attractions, such as the Tower of London, on the day of travel
  2. Oyster card Contactless; Buy before you get to the station (Only Peak and Off-Peak tickets) (Except for locations where PAYG has been extended) (Except for locations where PAYG has been extended) Pay as you go: Sign up to keyGo** (Except for locations where PAYG has been extended
  3. Minder® Designer Card Minder RFID Blocking Anti Theft Secure Protector Sleeve Holder Wallet for Credit/Debit/ID/Oyster Cards - Prevent Fraud, Theft, Card Clash ~ As Seen On BBC (Skyline) 4.4 out of 5 stars 1,231
  4. De Oyster Card is geldig op de London Underground (de metro), de Overground and National Rail trains in London, de bekende rode bussen in Londen, de South London trams, de Docklands Light Railway (DLR) en de Thames cable car (Emirates Air Line). Ook krijg je met de Oyster Card korting op het vervoer met de Thames Clipper boot op de Theems rivier
  5. Buy a Visitor Oyster card with £15 credit for unlimited travel in central London (Zones 1-2). Fares Different fares apply depending on which services you use and when you travel. • On Tube, DLR, London Overground, TfL Rail and most National Rail services in London
  6. Oyster users may see money swiped off their new contactless cards and even run the risk of double-charging Published: 25 May 2013 Why contactless cards can leave you with a losing dea
  7. Conclusion. The Oyster card is an essential accessory when you visit London. It saves you both time and money, so it is a no brainer! You save time because you don't have to stand in the queue to purchase a single ticket each time you take the Underground

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The TfL Oyster and contactless app will request access to your camera. This is so that you can scan your payment card. We will never store the scanned pictures. Alternatively you can enter the card details manually. You can't currently add Oyster photocards to this app. You can't currently buy discounted tickets through the app Oyster Card - The Oyster card is a London-wide rechargeable card, designed to be re-used, and accepted on pretty much every form of London transport. There are a number of versions of this card, however for the purposes of this post we're going to focus on the standard blue Oyster card that you can purchase in London from most train and tube stations If we needed a bus immediately (e.g., it's raining) thought it would be good to have Oyster cards in hand. Not a big issue. Had no idea they are sold at so many places other than tube stations! The map Marco linked me to shows a convenience store very near our apartment where we can buy. So all is good. Thanks again for your help, everybody

Buying an Oyster Card is so simple there's really no need to get one in advance. There might be a bit of a queue at the machine if you go during peak travel but it moves fast you're not here long enough to bother filling in the form for an oyster card. buy a travel card zones 1-2 at victoria, any machine will sell you one. it'll cost you £5:60 if its after 9:30am and gives you unlimited bus / tube / rail travel for the rest of the day (until end of services at 1am, or 4am for buses) The easiest way is to register your cars online at tfl.gov.uk and then download the app It just can't get any easier than that :) Check this video out https://youtu. And, if you purchase a London Pass now with your Oyster Travelcard, we can ship your London Pass package to your home address or you can collect it once you're in London. Please note: Children under 11 travel free on London transport network (must be accompanied by an adult with a valid Oyster Card or Travelcard). Buy London Pas Oyster fares are the lowest fares and if you are not using contactless payment then you need to buy an Oyster card to gain access to the Oyster fares. For most overseas visitors an Oyster card or a Visitor Oyster card is the most popular ticketing solution

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  1. We use a limited number of cookies on this TfL Oyster photocard website to make it easy to use. Our cookies help to make the website and this cookie banner work during each visit and to implement security controls. We also collect some information about how visitors use this website, but we do not use this to identify you as an individual
  2. Ett Oyster Card är ett NFC-kort med samma teknik som SL's kort, som man laddar med pengar men i London är det klart billigare resor! Läs mer om hur det funkar, kostar, var man köper korten och hur man bäst tar sig runt och hittar i London
  3. This Oyster card and Zones 1-6 is all a bit confusing. I hope you can help. We are staying in Croydon and would like to travel into central London. Can we buy an Oyster card that allows us to travel from Croydon (Zone 5) and stop off at any Zones 1-2-3-4? What would it cost to get to Central London and back to Croydon per day
  4. Cards can be re-loaded at stations and many local shops (look for sticker in window). You can pre-pay a 7-day travelcard and load it on your Oyster card. This is cheaper than 7 x 1-day capped fares. The price comparison is here. CONCLUSION: buy an Oyster card

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You also buy Oyster cards from Gatwick express and National express ticket offices (airports) and on board the EuroStar trains. In 2009 pink Oyster route valuators were introduced. When you touch your Oyster card on a pink card reader it ensures that the Oyster single fare charged is calculated via that route, rather than a potentially more expensive route If you buy in advance you with get a visitor Oyster card (£3 non-refundable charge), plus you can't add travelcards to it, better to buy a normal card when you get here. Posted by jean.h3131 04/03/16 08:23 P Oyster cards need to be bought on line? News to me. Oyster cards are available for purchase at Watford Junction station. The booking office is open every day, from 0530 on weekdays. If for any reason you don't want to buy the card at the station you may do so at the newsagents at 75 The Parade, a short walk from the rail station

GatwickExpress.com is your go-to destination for train tickets between Gatwick and Victoria. Buy your Gatwick Express train tickets online to enjoy online-only discounts Är det någon som vet skillnaden mellan ett Oyster Card och ett Visitor Oyster Card? Ska snart åka till London och har ett Oyster Card sedan tidigare som jag tänkte ladda på men nu såg jag att det finns något som heter Visitor Oyster Card. Ett Visitor Oyster Card kan också laddas med valfri summa varifrån de resor man sedan gör dras. Max betalar man 6.40 pund per dag

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